The Election Video 2017

A Script with Impact

The Election Video 2017 project was orchestrated by a junior doctor with a passion to change the political landscape. OK Yeah assisted in sculpting a script to hold the audience’s attention, and stimulate discussion. Launched just 10 days before the 2017 election, the video was viewed 2 million times, and gained 40 thousand shares – without paid promotion.

CLIENTGet the Truth
CATEGORYScript Writing, Copy, Edits

This project was undertaken collaboratively with animators, voice over artists and contributors. It was intensive and organic, pulled together incredibly rapidly thanks to everyone's hard work. With such knowledge and passion it quickly crystalised into something which far exceeded our expectations.

Inspire. Captivate. Communicate

When the snap election was called early in 2017, we had to move quickly to create a script that was engaging, broad and concise enough to hold the attention of viewers on social media.

With dear friends on both sides of the political line, we never make personal or professional judgements based on how you vote. In this instance, we are delighted with a hugely successful project, and we hope you can appreciate it on its merits.