Harmony Online

Harmony’s iconic stores can be found on Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road in London. In 2012 the brand focused on expanding its online presence to become one of the leading online retailers for adult products.

OK Yeah provides original, authoritative content to drive SEO and engage customers, helping Harmony to achieve its online presence.

CATEGORYProduct Descriptions, Blogs
DATESMarch 2016 - Present

“In 2012 Harmony launched Harmonystore.co.uk, to cater for customers that live outside London, but want to shop with a trusted brand. Applying the same commitment to provide luxury and sensual intimate items, excellent customer service and approaching the interests of adults with an open mind, Harmony hope to deliver the same level of service through the developing Harmonystore.co.uk community as we do on the shop floor.”

The Client's Voice

We work to specific style requirements in order to create appealing, accurate product descriptions for a huge range of items. This means doing our research; exploring the online community and competitor voices. We maintain the in-house style, and make sure we are well informed and current. It is our responsibility to capture the tone and character of the organisation. Harmony prides itself on fantastic customer service, and helping consumers feel comfortable shopping for intimate products.

We receive different types of information – ranging from full press releases to basic images. It takes skill and style to generate exquisite product descriptions, and website meta descriptions, which captivate customers and drive SEO. We work alongside Harmony to maintain high standards that represent the brand, and attract online customers.

SEO Blogs

One of the main drives for this client is to boost search engine results. We help to achieve this with cleverly formulated blog posts, which stimulate and engage readers. This helps to generate traffic and provide value for Harmony’s site visitors. It also an opportunity to market products and promote the brand.

OK Yeah specialises in blog posts that generate clicks and employ SEO strategies such as internal backlinks, readability and keywords to improve traffic.