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DATESMarch 2016 - Present

The HCA is the primary driving force for developing and renovating assets in the public portfolio. It is constantly endeavouring to provide new homes for first time buyers, and boost local economies by developing centres of commerce. It has stringent procurement procedures, and looks consistently to achieve best value for money using public funds. This encompasses evaluating performance of new methods and suppliers over the long term.

This also entails promoting brand new government initiatives and developing modern methods of working alongside the private sector. The HCA considers the current economic climate, industrial factors and risks before approving new ideas and approaches. All this vital information must be turned into legible, well organised reports tailored for different departments, levels of management and specialism.

OK Yeah is privileged to compile feasibility studies, and detailed briefs for new schemes, when required. We also assist with procurement reports, summarising supplier performance, including detailed KPI analytics and assessments. This means receiving and compiling large amounts of information, whilst taking into account the current legislation and potential readership.

It is also necessary to keep a transparent audit trail, which documents the process and can be examined upon request by management or the public. This applies in particular when reviewing suppliers tendering for high value contracts. OK Yeah has produced tender analysis and approval reports for multiple government departments.

In addition to this we have written contract briefs for launch on the .gov website, as well as on the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily. These contracts are valued in the tens of millions of pounds.