Nordic Walking Fit

Nordic Walking is an increasingly popular sport for all ages and abilities, reconnecting its participants with the great outdoors and offering a sustainable approach to fitness. Not to be mistaken for regular hiking, this enjoyable and athletic sport has you stood upright propelling yourself along with the momentum of the whole body. It promotes health and wellbeing with low impact exercise that engages the core and arms as well as the legs.

OK Yeah designed and developed the Nordic Walking Fit website in 2016, and has maintained it ever since. The site is populated by bespoke content, written with the client’s feedback and personality in mind. This Dorset based company provides fantastic walks and training sessions around the coast and local area. Nordic Walking Fit guides walkers along and around the Jurassic Coast, Hengistbury Head, Studland, Corfe, The New Forest and more. It provides a social hub for its members, and is run by Lynne Martin – a passionate and friendly walking enthusiast who wants to bring the benefits to a wider audience.

CLIENTNordic Walking Fit
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DATESAugust 2016 - Present

Nordic Walking is suitable for all levels of fitness, and is enjoyed by athletes and casual users alike. It engages more muscles than ordinary walking whilst being low impact, and can be taken at your own pace.

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OK Yeah researched and tailored original content for the Nordic Walking Fit website. We even went on walking trips to experience the fun and fitness first hand. The naturally upright posture instantly lends itself to cultivating invigorating and confident states of mind. With your head up you are free to take in the scenery, whilst feeling your whole body engage.

This enjoyable, popular sport burns 46% more calories than regular walking and engages the core, as well as 90% of skeletal muscles. It can be taken gently or intensively depending on the walker, and improves cardiovascular health. This is ideal if you are looking to build up strength when coming back from an injury, or just gradually over time to feel fitter. It encourages awareness of your body and the environment, which naturally brings you into the present moment and reduces stress.