OK Yeah manages Vision’s social media channels including Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook. We also provide supplemental blogs or other article research and writing upon request. We work in collaboration with a dedicated marketing manager to track traffic and generate the most interesting and responsive content.

CATEGORYSocial Media Management, Blogs & Articles
DATESOctober 2018 - Present

“Vision is intelligent healthcare software that enables nimble, collaborative working across the healthcare landscape. It uses innovative technologies to think ahead and predict your next move. That means less keystrokes and fewer mouse clicks. So you can focus on your patients instead of your computer. Be one step ahead, wherever you are with intelligent healthcare software from Vision.”

Social Media Management

Vision is already a well established brand in the NHS, providing software services to hundreds of CCGs and other departments. Its users and clients range from General Practice managers to interested nurses and influential members of Clinical Commissioning Groups. Social media content for Vision follows strict brand guidelines, and is tailored to its different audiences according to their presence on the different social media platforms. There are support resources and interesting news articles geared around retaining customers, as well as interesting insights into the software platform and other content aimed at generating leads. This is a well coordinated, tracked and recorded approach that aims to achieve the best possible results, and does so by coordinated recording of clicks and conversions.

Intelligent Healthcare

Vision is an intelligent healthcare software used by doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals across general practices, A&E, community health teams and more. It enables sharing of up to date patient records and other data, as well as scheduling appointments, prescriptions, reporting and beyond. This innovative, highly sophisticated software enables practitioners to spend more time with their patients, and less on the computer. It achieves this through a meticulously designed user experience and feedback from those working at the highest levels of care.